Christoph Schaupp Sigloch Distribution Geschäftsführer

"The hgv has a good network in the market and in the industry and is a pioneer in all technical and organizational developments. We are always impressed by the expertise and enthusiasm of the staff. The service level is consistently very high. The professional project management of hgv accompanies all projects safely and efficiently."

Stefan Jacob Klopotek & Partner GmbH Geschäftsführer

"Klopotek was founded in 1992 and we have been working with the Holtzbrinck Group since 1994. Our cooperation with hgv dates back to 1998, so we have known them for many years and value them as a reliable partner. The hgv has successfully and competently implemented Klopotek software in numerous publishing houses, not only Holtzbrinck companies, and continues to do so."