IT Services

highly available and secure at your premium partner

We are the right partner when it comes to solutions for your publishing software or the design and implementation of complex IT infrastructures. Therefore, you can benefit from our excellent IT know-how when it comes to consulting, support and implementation of your complete IT infrastructure. This allows you to devote yourself entirely to your core tasks - without additional IT staff.

Service tailored to your needs - SaaS

SaaS is the prerequisite for your employees to be able to concentrate fully on their day-to-day business and do it efficiently. This is precisely why we operate a wide range of software applications as "Software as a Service". This means that your software is operated by us. You use these purely as a service via your PC with Internet connection. We take care of the complete IT administration and all other services such as licenses, updates and maintenance. Our competent employees accompany and advise you from the idea to the running operation.

Your advantages with "Software as a Service"

  • Transparent IT costs
  • Low investment risk
  • Fast implementation of even complex projects
  • Reduction of the IT infrastructure
  • Focus on your core business

We provide all the necessary software packages in our external data center. Especially in the configuration and operation, the connection via interfaces and the monitoring of background processes as well as the user support, you can completely rely on us. We take care of all the necessary technical tasks: Networks, storage, databases, application servers, web servers as well as disaster recovery and backup services. Of course, we also provide you with the associated operational services such as authentication, availability, identity management, production control, patch management, activity monitoring, software upgrades and all customizations to your systems. We manage all processes highly efficiently and flexibly via UC4.

These are the services we offer:

  • Software selection and license purchase
  • Provision of hardware and network solutions
  • Roll-out of the software
  • Operation
  • Customizing
  • Batch control and interface management
  • Support
  • Releasemanagement
  • Connection to your systems (e.g. SAP)
  • Supplementary products (e.g. for publisher-specific reports)
  • Trainings

Software implementation projects

We are your strong partner if you want to introduce new software such as Klopotek in your publishing house. We have successfully supported numerous implementation projects in recent years and ensured that all applications went live quickly and smoothly with individual consulting and competent project management according to the PRINCE2 method.

Klopotek-Software (SaaS)

Since 1998, we have been a premium partner of Klopotek AG, which develops standard software for the special needs of book and magazine publishers. We provide Klopotek software on demand via Citrix terminal servers. Thanks to our secure network and server infrastructure, the software is highly available. From licensing and operation in the data center to support from our competent Klopotek experts, we ensure comprehensive and smooth IT services for your publishing house. You decide on the exact scope of our service.

This allows you to benefit from the full range of Klopotek applications without having to build up and maintain additional resources. Expenditure on software applications remains transparent and clearly calculable. You also benefit from synergy effects with our other customers in the publishing industry.

Klopotek applications are based on the client-server model and are optimally tailored to the publishing-specific value chain. With its modular structure and degrees of freedom in customizing, the software ensures highly efficient processes in the publishing house.

We offer the following Klopotek modules:

  • PPM Product Planning and Management System
  • VBU Vetriebssystem Book
  • ABO Distribution System Magazines
  • CCM Customer Care Management
  • IAP Business Partner Administration / Address Management
  • WFL Transaction management
  • ANZ Ad Sales and Management System
  • ZRV Magazine Editing System

SAP-Software (SaaS)

We have been offering SAP with the financial modules SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling) since 1998. We also provide these on demand as a service. For you, we have added many publishing-specific enhancements to SAP, especially in the areas of production, technical goods usage (TWE) and value adjustment. We work together with strong partners with SAP know-how. There, employees are only responsible for SAP developments, especially for the publishing industry.

d.3 archiving software (SaaS)

With d.3, we have been offering you powerful and efficient software for legally compliant and audit-proof handling of business documents and information since 2008. Through our partner d.velop, we provide you with this as "Software as a Service". Although d.3 is designed to be industry-neutral, it has extensive publishing-specific configurations through special system extensions.

A fully electronic invoice receipt workflow allows the entire invoice verification process (including account assignment and posting) to be handled electronically across all locations from the moment the invoice is received. Mobile access options via web or smartphone enable use even when on the road.

Components are:

  • Document Management System
  • Revision protection of all kinds of documents (personnel files, fee vouchers, commercial vouchers)
  • With metadata search and full text search
  • Mobile access
  • Integration into existing ERP systems

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

With our service, you no longer need your own expensive data center, but can concentrate fully on your core business. Together with our premium partner, we provide all infrastructure components for you as needed through cloud computing. All components such as servers, computing power, network capacities, communication devices, storage, archiving and backup systems and other components of the data center and network infrastructure are provided virtually by us. Billing is based on actual usage, the "pay as you go" principle.

Your advantages with IaaS:

  • Management and operation of the complete IT infrastructure from WAN to e-mail services
  • Two high-availability data centers in Düsseldorf.
  • Highly secure
  • Meets all levels in the IT area
  • Pay as you go

Services in IaaS:

  • Help Desk / Desktop Management
  • Security
  • E-Mail-Services
  • File-Server / Print-Server
  • Telephone / Video
  • Internet / VPN / SSL-VPN
  • WAN / LAN