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hgv Analytics and Data Supply

We extract a broad spectrum of data relevant to key performance indicators from common marketing channels (including Amazon, Apple, Thalia) and web platforms (social media, blogs), condense and filter them on the basis of specific assumption models and questions. Based on this, the data is aggregated and made available in a data warehouse for further analyses and reports.

In case we have access to your sales data or download numbers, e.g. in our data warehouse, we can compare them with a variety of other data (e.g. social media buzz, reviews), derive assumptions or compare them with competitor titles and prices.


We offer you a flexible and holistic business intelligence solution, starting with the loading processes for your business data, through the provision in the data warehouse, to the form of analysis that suits you best. In addition to standard reports, you have the option of independently evaluating the data as needed across multiple dimensions in your analysis cube to make the right decisions based on facts. In addition, we develop clear dashboards for the relevant KPIs in the respective business processes.